Mindfulness Tea Ceremony Osaka

Authentic Tea Ceremony and Wagashi Making

Reset your heart and mind.
Sharpen your spiritual sensitivity.

Have a heart-to-heart, non-touristy
private tea ceremony in the peaceful suburb of Osaka.

The tea master will prepare the tea ceremony just for you,
not having anyone before or after you -- it's only one group per day. 
Mindfulness Tea Ceremony Osaka

Optional Wagashi Making

Create the palm-size universe with your hand reflecting the beautiful season.
Mindfulness Tea Ceremony Osaka Wagashi Making
The wagashi we make at Mindfulness Tea Ceremony Osaka is vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Mindfulness Tea Ceremony is best suited to...

- those who would like to experience a private, non-touristy, heart-to-heart tea ceremony

- those who are well-traveled and looking for an in-depth experience
- those who would like to have a peaceful moment to reflect on themselves


Mindfulness Tea Ceremony Osaka with guests
"I had the best time with Kana's Tea Ceremony.
By understanding the roots and foundation of Tea Ceremonies you begin to develop a deeper appreciation not only through this experience but throughout our daily life. I not only saw the peace and tranquility during this Tea Ceremony but I found myself coming to small realisations and further self awareness.
To get the most out of this Tea Ceremony, immerse yourself in that exact moment and realise there won't be any other just like it :)
Kana is a very kind and lovely lady with a very high fluency in English. And her entire demeanour makes her welcoming, humble and patient towards her guests.
I am grateful and thankful that I was able to attend Kana's Tea Ceremony. If or when I visit Japan again, I feel like I can attend another Tea Ceremony to learn something new or visit a new-made friend."
(E from Australia)
Mindfulness Tea Ceremony Osaka with guests
"We had a unique moment in time with Kana. She took us to a beautifully decorated room where she performed an incredibly graceful tea ceremony. We felt part of a peaceful historic tradition and enjoyed every minute of this experience. I had the taste of matcha on my lips for hours after which pleasantly prolonged the sensation. I can warmly recommend this event."
(U from Denmark)"

"The tea ceremony was wonderful and very tasteful. We left her house filled up with new energy and kind spirit."
(T from England)


Plan 1: Mindfulness Tea Ceremony

Duration: 2 hours

Starting Time: Please choose from 10:00 / 13:00 / 14:00 / 15:00

Capacity: Maximum 6 guests

Price: 25,000 yen (for the entire group, NOT per person)
+ 1,200 yen per person for the tea and wagashi

with detailed explanation of background philosophy of tea ceremony,
how to be a respectful guest of a Japanese tea ceremony,
and how to whisk the tasty foamy matcha

This experience is privately hosted, so you will not share the experience with anyone you don't know.

Plan 2: Mindfulness Tea Ceremony and Wagashi Making

Duration: 3 hours

Starting time: Please choose from 1pm / 1:30pm / 2pm

Capacity: Maximum 4 guests

Price: 36,000 yen (for the entire group, NOT per person)
+ 1,100 yen per person for tea and wagashi

starting with the wagashi making
then detailed explanation and instruction of tea ceremony
learning the background philosophy,
how to be a respectful guest,
and how to whisk tasty matcha.

This experience is privately hosted, so you will not share the experience with anyone you don't know.


Private residential house in the suburb of Osaka.30 min by car/taxi from Osaka station, or 60 min by train from Osaka station.
Nearest station: Nose Railway Tokiwadai Station
Detaild address and access information will be sent upon booking confirmation.

About the Tea Master

Mindfulness Tea Ceremony Osaka Host
Through her study of Urasenke tea ceremony for 17 years, the  Zen philosophy "live in the moment" has been always the core tenet of her life.

Pursuit of the beautiful spirit of tea ceremony gave her a strong background in the important spiritual philosophy deeply running through Japanese traditional/modern culture.

Through her privately-offered tea ceremony and the optinal wagashi making experience, she looks forward to offering a beautiful, serene time, where you can get away from your daily thoughts, celebrating the beautiful season and beautiful moment, and resetting yourself.

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